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Original Data Sets

Military Schools Data Set (2022): Provides names, dates of operation, and source information for nationally-funded military officer schools, all countries, 1800–2015.

Military Recruitment Data Set (2022): Provides information on the use of conscripts versus volunteers, all countries, 1800–2008.

Military Periodicals Data Set (2005): Provides names (including name changes), location and dates of publication for all military-related periodicals, 1793–2005.

Selected Conference Presentations 

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Grants & Awards 

London School of Economics–Arab University Collaborative Grant, (co-investigator; value: 119,900 GBP)

Simons Center, Faculty Interagency Writing Competition, First Place

U.S. Army Command & General Staff College, Silver Pen Award

Institute for National Security Studies Grant, U.S. Air Force Academy 

University Fellowship, Ohio State University

Professional Enhancement of Graduate Studies Award, Ohio State University

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, Ohio State University

Working Projects 

Business Strategy and Tactics: Tools for Success in the Hybrid Workplace

Learning Military Power: Military Education and Battlefield Effectiveness

Desert Rules: The Origins of Arab Rentierism and Autocracy

The Promise and Peril of Defense Education Reform in the Gulf

Image: Terezin Concentration Camp © Nathan W. Toronto 2017