The July 2021 printing of Rise of Ahrik (hardcover and paperback) contained thirteen minor errors. All printings after this date have been corrected. Errata below give the page number followed by the incorrect text and the corrected text.

  • Title page: “Electronic edition,” “Paperback edition” [“Hardcover edition”]

  • 94: “ketel of Alrem,” “Ketel of Alrem”

  • 112: “bore into Zharla,” “bored into Zharla”

  • 154: “press this button, and,” “press this button and”

  • 183: “towards him,” “toward him”

  • 197: “then signaled,” “she signaled”

  • 242: “hoped Zharla would, too,” “hoped Zharla would, too.” [missing period]

  • 278: “after all everything,” “after everything”

  • 289: “waved in front,” “waved it in front”

  • 290: “searched Renla face,” “searched Renla’s face”

  • 312: “maybe to Zharla,” “Maybe to Zharla”

  • 322: “Yuh’r,” “Yuh’re”

  • 349: “fumbled with the compiler,” “fumbled her hold on the compiler”