Rise of Ahrik

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The story of Ahrik, a young military officer with a distant wife, a disloyal brother, and a secret army of clones sworn to defend women’s rule

Ahrik commanded ten thousand secret clones, and he refused to feel guilty about it. Whispers of war hung on the air. Lazy, contented civilians complained about women’s rule. Rebels armed themselves for war cross-planet. He didn’t have time to feel special. He didn’t have the luxury to question his duty.

Then Ahrik went to war and he learned that duty comes with a terrible cost.

Praise for Rise of Ahrik

"This novel is so well developed, story so poignant and thrilling and subversively reflective I couldn’t put it down."

"Would I read it again or recommend it to others? You bet!"

"Broken hearts, political intrigue, battles, injustices big and small, and all the emotional toll that takes on the protagonists, is masterfully played out as the story unfolds."

"I really enjoyed this book for its unique setting and the interesting sci-fi elements it introduced. The cultural background of the characters led to some unexpected twists and set the survivors up for intriguing roles in the upcoming sequel."

"A dazzlingly original and captivating book."

Header image by Abdul Rahman (CC)Cover model is Timo Kohlenberg (CC)Cover landscape by NASA (public domain)Rise of Ahrik cover © Nathan W. Toronto 2021