Nathan W. Toronto writes fiction that explores the relationship between society, the state, and war.

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The story of Anda, an algae farmer on Moon who must fight to keep his family together after a bioweapon destroys his crop

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The story of Ahrik, a young military officer with a distant wife, a disloyal brother, and a secret army of clones sworn to defend women’s rule

Read stories that capture the complexity, tragedy, and hope of warfare and violence in human (and nonhuman) society. The Bullet Points anthology offers classic stories alongside stories from up-and-coming authors, including David Drake, Walter Jon Williams, Tony Ballantyne, and James C. Glass. Edited by Nathan W. Toronto

A future warfare riff on the classic tactical morality play, “The Defence of Duffer’s Drift.” Reprinted in Bullet Points 1.

Header image screenshot from a video by NASA, public domainRise of Ahrik cover © Nathan W. Toronto 2021Revenge of Emerald Moon image by Petras Gagilas (CC)"Defense of Gipper's Twist" image © Nathan W. Toronto 2017